1 min - Jan 07, 2023

B2B SaaS Benchmarks 2022 Report by RevOps Squared

SaaSCan partnered with RevOps Squared and others in 2022 to gather data for RevOps Squared B2B SaaS Benchmarks 2022 Report.

878 North American companies participated across 15 SaaS metrics, making it the largest and most comprehensive publicly available study of its kind.

The goal of the partners behind this study is to build the largest, publicly available SaaS metrics benchmark data set, to help founders and leaders know how they measure up. Data is not sold or behind a paywall.

SaaSCan’s goal for participating is to ensure strong Canadian representation in SaaS benchmark data.

If you’re a SaaS leader, you can use this report to prepare for Board Meetings, set internal goals and KPIs, and to prepare ahead of financing and fundraising activities.

If you’re an investor, consultant, or incubator/accelerator, you can use it to inform the work you do with the SaaS Companies you help.

If you’re a student, you can use it to learn more about SaaS metrics that matter when building a successful SaaS company.

Download the Report (No Lead Form)

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