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B2B SaaS Metric Benchmarks 2024

The SaaSCan B2B SaaS Metric Benchmarks 2024 report is ideal for early stage B2B SaaS companies.

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The data, based on 936 survey responses, shows what many companies experienced first-hand: FY-23 was a tough year 😥.

  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Growth Rates were overwhelmingly down
  • Median Net Revenue Retention Rate (NRR) continued its year over year decline
  • Burn Multiple performance weakened

That said, some bright spots emerged 😀.

  • Gross Revenue Retention Rate (GRR) and Total Gross Margin held their own with stable year-over-year top quartile values
  • CAC Payback Period decreased year-over-year for 4 of the 6 Annual Contract Value (ACV) bands measured

What’s next?

  1. Get the details. Download the report today to see benchmarks segmented by ARR and ACV.
  2. Share this report widely with your network.
  3. Next spring, help spread the word about this survey, to build a bigger data set for all. This is the ONLY survey we ask founders to complete each year.

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