3 min - Jul 11, 2023

Reflecting on SaaSCan Virtual Alumni Networking: Key Takeaways and Memorable Moments

By: Kamal Dhillon, Future Commerce 2025 Graduate 

Recently, the SaaSCan Virtual Alumni Networking event brought together a group of ambitious young professionals who currently or previously worked with SaaSCan, to share their experiences, insights, and aspirations. The event proved invaluable for personal growth and development, offering a platform for meaningful connections and discussions. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the key takeaways from the event, highlighting the importance of ownership, work-life balance, effective communication, customer satisfaction, authenticity, and initiative. Additionally, we’ll touch on the exciting travel destinations that were discussed and acknowledge the student associate alumni who were present. Let’s dive in!

Ownership and Understanding

The group the significance of feeling ownership over everything we touch. By taking responsibility for our work, we gain a deeper understanding of the processes and intricacies involved. This approach allows us to elevate our performance and contribute more effectively to our organizations.

Balancing Work and Fun

Getting caught up in work demands and neglecting our personal lives is easy. However, the event reminded us to be intentional about creating time for fun. Building a healthy work-life balance improves our overall well-being and productivity and creativity.

Effective Communication

Overcommunication was emphasized, particularly in project management roles. By proactively sharing information, updates, and challenges, we ensure everyone is on the same page and can collaborate more efficiently. Clear and open communication fosters trust and strengthens teamwork.

Exceeding Expectations

Under-promising and over-delivering emerged as key to avoiding disappointing clients. This mindset can be challenging, especially when starting out, as the desire to impress often tempts us to make lofty commitments. However, we build credibility and foster strong client relationships by managing and surpassing expectations.

Authenticity and Self-Care

Choosing a path that aligns with our authentic selves is crucial. Taking care of ourselves along the way is equally important, as people internalize stress differently. The event encouraged us to reflect on our professional choices and prioritize our mental and physical well-being to ensure long-term success and happiness.

Initiative and Collaboration

The event also highlighted the value of taking initiative. Whether sharing innovative ideas or suggesting improvements, being proactive contributes to personal growth and organizational success. By fostering a culture of collaboration, we empower ourselves and our teams to reach new heights.

Beyond the insightful discussions, the event allowed for personal connections and exchanges of travel aspirations. Many participants wanted to explore destinations such as Portugal, Spain, Belize, Budapest, and Morocco. The enthusiasm for experiencing new cultures and adventures was contagious, igniting a sense of wanderlust within the group.

Acknowledging Student Associate Alumni

We would like to extend our appreciation to the student associate alumni who attended the event. Daniel, a 2021 Commerce Grad; Gianni and Pranaav, 2022 Commerce Grads; and Amy, a future 2025 Commerce Grad, joined us in this enriching experience. Their presence added a unique perspective and demonstrated the value of connecting across different stages of professional growth.

In conclusion, the SaaSCan Alumni Networking event left a lasting impact on all participants. The key takeaways emphasized the importance of ownership, work-life balance, effective communication, customer satisfaction, authenticity, and initiative. Furthermore, the discussions about travel aspirations and the presence of student associate alumni added an extra layer of connection and inspiration. We are grateful for this impactful event, which fostered an environment encouraging discussions about our professional and personal journeys. Let’s carry these insights forward and continue to strive for excellence in our chosen paths.


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