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SaaSCan Launches Interactive SaaS Metrics Workshops for Invest Ottawa SaaS Clients

OTTAWA – February, 2023

SaaSCan and Invest Ottawa collaborate to offer interactive SaaS metrics workshops and follow-on sessions for Invest Ottawa clients, based on SaaSCan research.

SaaSCan, the organization dedicated to empowering customer-centric and metrics-savvy Canadian SaaS startups, in collaboration with Invest Ottawa, the lead economic development agency for knowledge-based industries in Canada’s Capital, recently launched two new SaaS metrics workshops and follow on sessions for Invest Ottawa clients.

Tailored for two cohorts: SaaS companies under 1M ARR, and SaaS companies between 1 and 5M ARR, a total of twenty participants gained clarity on the SaaS metrics that matter most for their stage as well as practical guidance on what great looks like on those metrics for companies like theirs.

They engaged with the content and with each other, sharing dozens of ways to improve performance on the metrics that matter most right now. Select participants took advantage of follow on 1-1 metrics mentoring and benchmarking sessions, to see how they compare to companies most like them on the metrics that matter most for their stage.

Workshop content was based on SaaSCan research The SaaS Metrics That Matter Most in 2022, and credible SaaS metrics benchmarks.

Why does this matter? As SaaSCan Founder Lauren Thibodeau explains, “It’s common for SaaS startups, especially first-time SaaS founders and leaders, to feel overwhelmed or in the dark when it comes to SaaS metrics. SaaSCan wanted to create cohort based workshops paired with confidential 1-1 sessions to give early stage B2B SaaS companies clarity on the metrics they should measure given the stage they’re at, and what great looks like as a result. We want to help them avoid optimizing for the wrong metrics and making costly and time-consuming mistakes.”

The workshops and 1-1 sessions were well received by participants and Invest Ottawa alike:

“The combination of group workshop and 1-1 benchmarking session was awesome. We brushed up on general knowledge first, then got confidential insight into how our company compares to others like us, at our stage.” – SaaS Founder and CEO that saw 200% growth in 2022.

“The sessions were extremely well done – quick, informative, resourceful, and very engaging which was extremely beneficial. We know this data and information will have an impact for many of our clients.” – Marissa DiNardo, Manager, Community Engagement & Market Insights, Invest Ottawa.

What’s next? Throughout 2023, SaaSCan is expanding delivery of these workshops to other parts of Canada, to benefit more early stage B2B SaaS companies. Reach out today to learn more, or bring the workshops to a city near you.

Lauren Thibodeau
Founder, SaaSCan




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