2 min - Nov 28, 2021

Samdesk levels up its SaaS metric knowledge with the help of SaaSCan ahead of Series A raise

Proudly headquartered in Edmonton, AB, samdesk helps companies protect their people, assets, and brand with real-time crisis alerts powered by big data and AI.

Samdesk’s situation

The time was right for samdesk to start outreach for their Series A raise. They had product-market fit and paying customers.

The exec team were experts in their domains, but new to growing a start-up and fundraising.

They were tracking a number of traditional financial metrics, but didn’t know the SaaS metrics Series A investors would focus on, or how they stacked up.

How SaaSCan helped

SaaSCan reviewed samdesk’s pitch deck and SaaS metrics, then curated relevant data from SaaSCan research.

SaaSCan identified additional key metrics to focus on at Series A such as Net Dollar Retention, Net Burn, and Net Burn Ratio.

SaaSCan shared feedback with samdesk in a live Metrics Mentoring session and made warm intros to a few investors.

How it worked out

Samdesk learned they were rocking Net Dollar Retention & Net Burn Ratio versus relevant benchmarks.

This significantly boosted their confidence going into investor meetings.

Samdesk closed a 13.5M Series A round with McRock Capital as lead investor to accelerate samdesk’s mission of creating a safer world.


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