Early Stage Growth

$2 – 10M ARR

SaaSCan provides advisory services to Canadian SaaS companies between 2 and 10M ARR to empower them to be customer-centric and metrics-savvy as they grow.


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We do this work on project basis. Past clients have benefitted from:

  • Developing a Customer Experience vision statement
  • Mapping the Customer Journey from the customer perspective
  • Implementing a simple Voice of the Customer measurement program
  • Updating corporate level SaaS metrics and targets, informed by relevant benchmarks
  • Performing cohort analysis on key SaaS metrics
  • Establishing functional metrics and targets, informed by relevant benchmarks

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The problem

At this stage, SaaS companies are growing their teams to take each functional area to the next level on their mission to grow revenue and market share. However, many SaaS companies at this stage:

  • Unintentionally damage the customer experience – With more functional team members now interacting with customers, customers start to have a fragmented experience rather than a consistent, intentional customer experience.
  • Fail to update company level SaaS metrics for the growth stage and establish targets informed by benchmarks.
  • Neglect to establish functional SaaS metrics and targets backed by benchmarks for like companies.

The impact

  • Customer satisfaction falls because interactions are ad hoc and unpredictable, putting customer reviews and recommendations at risk.
  • Focus is on the wrong metrics for growth therefore progress in key areas is slower than it needs to be.
  • Functional leaders aren’t held sufficiently accountable for results in context of companies like yours.

The solution

  • Be deliberate about the Customer Experience – Solidify Your Customer Experience Vision and Map the Customer Journey. Implement a simple voice of the customer measurement program.
  • Revise Company-wide SaaS Metrics – Update the SaaS metrics you track at the company level, establish relevant benchmarks given your new size and stage, and perform cohort analysis to uncover patterns and trends to inform action.
  • Establish Functional SaaS Metrics – Drive clear accountability for new functional leaders, and set targets informed by credible SaaS benchmarks for like companies.

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