Later Stage Growth

$10M ARR +

SaaSCan provides advisory services to Canadian SaaS companies above 10M in ARR to ensure they are customer-centric and metrics-savvy at scale.


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We do this work on a project basis. Past clients have benefitted from:

  • Infusing SaaS metrics and targets, informed by relevant benchmarks, into their corporate strategic plan
  • Mapping the Customer Journey from the customer perspective, and identifying key initiatives to elevate recurring revenue, customer experience, and employee experience
  • Analysis and recommendations to mature and scale the Customer Success function and practices
  • Analysis and recommendations to transform the implementation function from being vendor and product centric, to being customer workflow and business outcome centric
  • Establishing a framework and oversight for cross functional alignment and accountability to implement strategic recommendations
  • Maturing a Voice of the Customer measurement program

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The problem

As SaaS companies move beyond the rapid growth phase and shift their focus to efficiency and profitability, they are often challenged because:

  • Functional silos become entrenched – There are more and more employees who are not in day-to-day contact with customers, and who are not aware of how their peers in other functional areas are interacting with customers.
  • They fail to update company level SaaS metrics and establish updated targets informed by benchmarks at this new stage.
  • They fail to invest proportionally to retain and expand existing customers the same way they do to attract new customers.

The impact

  • The customer experience suffers, and customer satisfaction, loyalty, and willingness to advocate falls.
  • Efficiency and profitability fall behind like companies.
  • Initial sales continue to grow, but retention and expansion revenue falls behind relevant benchmarks.

The solution

  • Map the Customer Journey and identify key initiatives to elevate the customer experience, employee experience, and recurring revenue.
  • Infuse relevant SaaS metrics and targets into the corporate strategic plan.
  • Invest in maturing and scaling the Customer Success function and practices alongside investing in new customer sales and marketing.

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Assent Compliance takes proactive approach to product training in support of hypergrowth


Published: Jun 4, 2019
By: OBJ360 Content Studio

Lauren Thibodeau, SaaS Customer Experience and Business Strategy consultant with Assent Compliance CEO Andrew Waitman.

As Assent Compliance rapidly expands, growing from 15 employees in 2015 to several hundred today, CEO Andrew Waitman is bolstering his management team with industry veterans experienced in helping companies scale.

The Ottawa SaaS firm, which develops software to help companies manage supply chain data related to compliance and regulatory demands, has also rapidly grown its global customer base while introducing robust new product features and functionality at a…


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