$0 – 2M ARR

The problem

Canadian SaaS startups are often customer-centric in the early days given their focus on finding product-market fit and the necessity of founder-led sales. However, when it comes to SaaS metrics, many SaaS startups:

  • Are drowning in info – A Google search on SaaS metrics for startups returns over 1.4 million results. How do founding teams know which metrics are important in the early days?
  • Lack context – Most SaaS metric benchmarks focus on US companies over $5M in Annual Recurring Revenue. How do Canadian SaaS startups know how they compare to their peers?
  • Lack equal access – Some Canadian SaaS startups, especially those outside the largest cities, lack a network of SaaS mentors and investors, and can’t afford pricey consultants. How do founding teams get expert guidance when they need it most?

The impact

This puts Canadian SaaS startups at a disadvantage where they:

  • Optimize for the wrong metrics because they don’t know what’s important and what’s not at the startup stage.
  • Are unprepared for fundraising because they don’t know which SaaS metrics investors prioritize and value for pre-revenue and early stage startups, and what great looks like compared to their SaaS peers.
  • Make costly and time-consuming mistakes that could be avoided if they had access to expert guidance.

The solution

  • Focus –  Based on SaaSCan’s SaaS metric research, we empower SaaS startups on the SaaS metrics that matter most in the early days, when the core objective is finding product-market fit.
  • Context – We provide guidance on what great looks like on metrics that matter for companies like you, under $2M ARR, with a Canada-centric focus.
  • Access – We make research and enablement available remotely across Canada at no charge, through incubators and accelerators and directly through SaaSCan, to reduce barriers and increase access to expert guidance.

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Samdesk’s situation

The time was right for samdesk to start outreach for their Series A raise. They had product-market fit and paying customers.

The exec team were experts in their domains, but new to growing a start-up and fundraising.

They were tracking a number of traditional financial metrics, but didn’t know the SaaSmetrics Series A investors would focus on, or how they stacked up.


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