2 min - May 26, 2021

The SaaS Metrics that Matter Most with Isaac Souweine, Real Ventures

Real Ventures is an early stage investment firm headquartered in Montreal, investing at the pre-seed and seed stages. Taking a people first approach, Real Ventures seeks to scale not only the businesses they invest in, but also the founders that are at their core. Their philosophy focuses on the belief that collaboration and connection are vital to entrepreneurial success, and that mindsets are as important as skill sets.

Guided by this philosophy, Real Ventures has invested in a number of Canadian SaaS companies including:

Botpress – An open-source platform for building conversational interfaces. 

HumanFirst – Developer focused software for creating structured data sets that power natural language understanding. 

Wisk Solutions – Inventory management software for restaurants and bars.

Real Ventures partner, Isaac Souweine, focuses on pre-seed stage startups. He calls out 6 key metrics that are important at this stage from both an investor and a founder/CEO perspective. They get to the heart of whether there is customer interest in and value derived from the product, and how efficiently the startup is using cash. Of particular interest at this stage, where product-market fit is the focus, is a Customer Value metric. 

Customer value generally means increased revenue or time/money saved. At the early stage you should try to deliver value that is 10x the cost of the product.

Isaac’s other top picks at the pre-seed stage are:

Monthly Revenue Growth Rate

Net Burn

Logo Churn

Total Addressable Market  

Team Size

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