1 min - Nov 15, 2022

The SaaS Metrics That Matter Most in 2022/2023


In this report, you’ll learn from four dozen SaaS investors and lenders who weigh in with guidance for Canadian SaaS founders and leaders on the key objective to focus on at each stage of their growth.

You’ll get access to the shortlist of key metrics they recommend SaaS founders and leaders focus on by stage: under 1M ARR, between 1 and 5M ARR, and > 5M ARR.

You’ll also learn the benchmarks they use to separate good from great AND how you can benchmark your company, in real time, on the SaaSCan website!

Download the report to check out all the details, along with words of advice from a who’s who of SaaS investors and lenders.

About SaaSCan

SaaSCan for Scaleups helps scaling North American SaaS companies increase revenue and improve the customer & employee experience through scaling Customer Success, and Customer Journey Mapping.

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